Maple Mustard

Great for: Salads containing walnuts, pine nuts, avocado, pomegranate, cranberries.

Ingredients (Ratios for 1 Lemon)

  • Lemon Juice (1 Lemon)
  • Maple Syrup (to taste) – ≈ 0.5/1 tbsp
  • Mustard (American of Dijon) – 2-3 tsps
  • Olive Oil – 1 tbsp
  • Salt – 1/2 tsp
  • Pepper (optional) – 1/4 tsp

Tahini Maple

Great for: Wraps, Roasted/Fried Cauliflower, and Kebbe. As a Mayo Replacement, make sure you decrease the amount of lemon juice for better consistency.

For a bigger quantity, use the ratios below. For a salad, cut everything in 2 or 3.

Ingredients (Ratios for 3.5 tbsp of Tahini)

  •  Tahini – 3-4 tbsps
  • Lemon Juice – 2 Lemons should be enough, but keep on adding according to consistency desired)
  • Maple Syrup – 3 tbsps + (to taste)
  • Mustard (no more than 1 tsp)
  • Olive Oil (no more than 1 tbsp)
  • Salt (to taste)

Lemon Garlic

Great with salads containing: pasta, avocados, asparagus, potato, white beans, chickpeas

Ingredients (quantities for 2 medium lemons)

  • 2 lemons
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 1/2 tsp of garlic powder (or more, if you like it)
  • 2.5 tbsp of olive oil
  • a pinch of grounded allspice

Optional: 1 tsp of dry mint

Lemon Mayo 

  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 3 heaped tsps of VG Mayo for a more tangy dressing, 4 for something more basic
  • 2 tbsps olive oil
  • Salt to taste

Optional: pepper

Side Sauces

Cranberry Sauce  (per 240g/12oz cranberries)

Great for: mashed sweet potatoes, nut roasts, breakfast/snacks.


  • 240 g/12 oz of Cranberries (fresh)
  • 1 cup of sugar (vegan)
  • 1 cup of orange juice


  1. In a pot, melt sugar in Orange juice on medium heat, stir well
  2. Once homogeneous, add the cranberries and keep stirring until they pop

The more you leave them on heat, the thicker the sauce. If you don’t want any cranberry chunks in it, then keep stirring/heating for awhile.

Onion Reduction (for 2 medium sized yellow onions)

Great with: patties, caulimash


  • 2 medium yellow onions
  • 3 tbsps vegetable oil
  • 1 cup  red wine for cooking
  • 1 to 2 tbsps berry jam, according to taste.
  • 1 tsp  cornstarch


  1. Cut the onions in half moons
  2. In a pot, fry in Oil on very low heat for a long time. You can prepare the patties in the meantime.
  3. Once they completely soften and start to brown, add jam. Turn to medium heat.
  4. Stir for 2-3 min.
  5. Add Wine, bring to a boil.
  6. Melt a 1/4 tsp of cornstarch in 1 tsp of room temp. water. Add to pot.
  7. Mix and let boil until you get the consistency desired.