Hello there!
I’m Nadine, and I am here to add a vegan whisper to your daily life.

I’ve created this blog for any fellow student/busy bee out there who is either transitioning to a plant-based diet, is trying to limit their animal product intake, is already a vegan, or anyone who doubts that a plant-based diet can be budget-friendly, fun, accessible, and absolutely delicious.

Whatever your eating habits are, this blog is for you.

I am saying this with confidence, because as a person that took almost a year to transition to a Vegan diet, I am familiar with the obstacles and prejudices you might encounter when reducing animal product intake. This is why I am shaping this blog based on three main pillars:

  1. Accessibility: this one is my favorite. You won’t find extra-terrestrial smoothie bowls with flowers from X country in the south of Y, or grains and seeds that you can’t even pronounce. While my photos and recipes may not all be insta-material, I am simply sharing recipes that I use on a daily basis.
    I am also providing “Kitchen Whispers”: a category offering my tips and tricks in the Kitchen. From the way I dice an onion, to my sauce and spice combinations, this category is a must if you’re unfamiliar with the kitchen.
  2. Fun: when brainstorming for this blog, I made a list of all the frustrations that take the fun out of cooking based on an online recipe. You will find ready to use conversions (let’s face it, having to google °C to °F and inch to cm with buttery, floury, onion-smelling fingers can be quite frustrating), color-coded ingredients, replacements and equivalents, as well as extra suggestions you can have fun experimenting with.
  3. Student-friendliness: a lot of students end up relying too much on take-out,  sandwiches, and snacks. I had this problem for most of my uni years. Some of you might not be cooking because of lack of practice or confidence. If that’s your case,  “Kitchen Whispers” is for you! Make sure to check this category for Cooking basics. Student-friendliness also means tips on budgeting and meal planning, which you will find in the “Lifestyle” section.

I am creating this blog as a platform, not as an e-book. Its aim is to teach beyond itself, and help amateurs like myself adopt/transition to a plant-based diet. I am also targeting the Lebanese audience among others, as one of the main worries when transitioning to a vegan diet is finding plant-based ingredients in our stores (not to worry, I’m sure I’ll convince you it’s quite easy).

Please note that I am not a professional; I did not study nutrition, I don’t own a professional camera, and a lot of the recipes posted on this blog are inspired by other platforms on the web. The only reason I would still post a recipe is because I believe I can deliver it with a more accessible language, anticipating any obstacles you might face. I will give credit in the recipe description whenever it is not an original. Any advice or opinion on this blog stems from personal experience, all facts are cited. Although you might find some links to products I use at home, this blog is in no way sponsored by any store, company, or brand.

I really hope this blog achieves what I know it can. If you have any comments/suggestions/questions, you can find my email address in the header above!

Special thanks to Sirène Abiad, who designed the logo for me, I love you!

With delicious plant-based love,
your vegan whisperer,